We need to put an end to the alte zachen





Hai 1 August 2012

Translated from Hebrew


Animal welfare association Hakol Chai has asked Transport Minister MK Israel Katz to give an instruction to change the existing definition in the law with regard to the alte zachen (rag and bone) horses as transport vehicles; the request was made on July 4 as part of the ongoing struggle to eradicate the phenomenon of the alte zachen horses that are still seen in the streets today. In her letter, Michal Volansky-Atias, professional director of Hakol Chai, notes that according to the basic definitions existing today in the Traffic Ordinance, a cart pulled by a horse or other animal is defined as a transport vehicle. This definition gives full legal validity to one of the most serious instances of animal abuse in Israel today the alte zachen horse. In recent months Hakol Chai has launched a venture called Alte Zachen Intelligence, calling on the public to report every time they come across an alte zachen horse, with a photograph and the location where it was observed, so as to assess the scale of the phenomenon. As a result of this venture, there have been dozens of contacts from the general public. Association spokesperson Sigal Bukstein told the newspaper Hai that in the current situation, the local authorities are not able to enforce existing legislation, and find themselves helpless to deal with the alte zachen horses.