Cart Horses Are About to Disappear from Our Landscape





Hai – 2 December 2012

Translated from Hebrew


Hakol Chai’s stubborn struggle paid off - the end of the cart horse phenomenon in Israel is closer than ever. The shift occurred after the charity met with representatives of the Professional Committee of the Ministry of Transportation in October to consider whether and how the phenomenon of cart horses could be eliminated from urban roads.


At the meeting, committee members agreed in principle on the need to reform the law to ban cart horses from city streets and highways. The Ministry of Transportation will now formulate regulations that will go to the Knesset Finance Committee for approval.


Hakol Chai said: "We congratulate the Ministry of Transportation on its willingness to adopt our recommendation to eradicate the phenomenon of cart horses from Israel's urban landscape. The use of cart horses no longer fits the era in which we live, both because there are alternatives and because there is a growing awareness of animal welfare concerns."


Hakol Chai has been conducting a stubborn campaign on this issue for many years and can definitely say that the Ministry’s commitment to the requested change marks the beginning of the end of the cart horse phenomenon, which will soon become pure nostalgia.