Hakol Chai to Provide Medical Aid for Donkeys in the Negev





Negev News, 16 March 2012

By Yaacov Levy, Oded Bar-Meir

Translated from Hebrew (part two of the full article)


Save the Donkeys

While Beersheba municipality has outlawed keeping chickens in backyards, Amutat Hakol Chai this week launched a new venture to provide free medical aid for donkeys in the south.


This is a countrywide project currently starting as a pilot in the Negev, to be deployed throughout the country in the future, in which a special team from Hakol Chai, including a veterinarian, will travel among the Bedouin settlements in areas where many donkeys are kept. At this stage, the pilot will be carried out in Rahat, Tel Sheva, Khoura, and Segev Shalom.


As part of the project, the team from Hakol Chai will hold explanatory activities among residents who keep donkeys with regard to how to look after them properly, both in nutritional terms and in terms of the conditions in which they are kept. In addition, the team will provide free medical treatment for donkeys that need it, according to medical criteria.


Hakol Chai says that the donkeys that need treatment will receive careful examination by an expert veterinarian accompanying the team, and if found in need of treatment that they have not received due to financial constraints, the charity will help provide the necessary treatment for these donkeys.