A New Life for Joey the Horse in the Shelter for Abused Animals





Sharon Hadash, 2 March 2012

By Reut Bar-Gil

Translated from Hebrew


About a month ago, in the course of a routine patrol by the Hakol Chai animal welfare association to ensure that horses and donkeys living in the area are cared for appropriately by their owners, members of the Association discovered a horse that was suffering from severe neglect. As a result of their findings, the Hakol Chai members took steps to rescue the horse immediately from its abusive owner. To help in this task they enlisted Ricky Bachar, owner of Merlet Stables, who is involved, among other things, in rehabilitating and housing horses that have been abused.


On Wednesday of last week, in a joint effort, the action force succeeded in freeing Joey the horse, who was in a state of serious malnutrition, with many sores and bruises, caused in part by long-term neglect.


Photo credit: Hakol Chai


Joey was moved to Merlet Stables, where he will be able to live out his life in peace and comfort, in the company of friends like himself.


Hakol Chai says that cases of ongoing neglect are not rare in places where horses are used for work, such as the horses that pull rag and bone carts. The case of Joey, discovered by the Association during one of its patrols, is one of many. Unfortunately there are many similar cases that are not known about, and many of these animals eventually suffer a miserable death. It should be remembered that at the end of the day, whether animals are used for work or for other purposes, we must absolutely not lose sight of the humane care with which they should be treated.