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The Jockey Won; the Horse Died. Say "NO" to Horse Racing in Israel!








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February 28, 2012, Tel Aviv


This morning Hakol Chaiís members are holding a protest in front of the Knesset, on the occasion of Israel's Animal Rights Day, which takes place today in the Knesset.


In addition, the organization members are asking the Agriculture Minister, MK Orit Noked, to oppose the plan being formed in the Ministry of Agriculture to permit gambling on horse racing in Israel, emphasizing that gambling brings animal exploitation and abuse and that the Ministry of Agriculture is entrusted with the welfare of animals.


This year, Animal Rights Day in the Knesset will focus on animal abuse. At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Culture and Sport are working on promoting a bill that would allow the introduction of gambling on horse racing industry in Israel. This industry causes severe abuse of horses, who are turned into machines, used as the owners' status symbols.


Recently, Hakol Chai joined an international coalition fighting for the banning of whips in horse racing. This coalition was established after the British Horse Racing Association attempted to retract an agreement, only four months old, pledging to limit the extent of the use of the whip during a race. Coalition members represent worldwide animal advocacy organizations struggling against the horse-racing industry in their countries, including organizations from England, Australia, France, Germany.


Hakol Chai, which actively opposes horse racing, put signs in front of the Knesset this morning, calling for the decision to ban this cruel industry from becoming a part of Israeli culture. In addition, organization members distributed educational materials about the issue.


Content of the signs hanging in front of the Knesset:


"The jockey won; the horse died. Say NO to horse racing in Israel!"

"Orit Noked, Minister of Agriculture, the horses are relying on you! Donít bet on their lives!"




In addition, Hakol Chai will take part in various discussions in the Knesset throughout the day on several animal rights issues, and animal abuse in particular.


According to Hakol Chai: "We value the initiative of the Animal Rights Caucus to hold such a day but regret that there isn't a deeper and more public discussion about animal protection the rest of the year. Horse racing and betting on animals are pure abuse. Government Ministries should not agree to a program for Israeli society which will result, as happens all over the world, in severely damaged animals, instituting a new field dealing with the underworld, and creating other social ills. This day, held in the Knesset, is designed to provide a platform to discuss racing's financial interests, and to clarify for the government of Israel in general and the Ministry of Agriculture in particular, that this is a cruel paradox, when with one hand they are voting against the abuse of animals and on the other they promote the industrial abuse of horse racing."