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Reunion of Puppies Rescued from the Line of Fire

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Alexandria, Virginia — October 1, 2007


Contact: Nina Natelson, 703-370-0333 or chai.usa@verizon.net


Eva and her puppy BellaOn October 7 in Falls Church, Virginia, 39 puppies rescued in last summer's war between Israel and Hezbollah and brought to the Washington area to find homes will be reunited. One year ago, they arrived bedraggled, hungry and homeless, traumatized by starvation and dehydration in evacuated areas and by a constant stream of daily missile attacks. Thanks to the Alexandria, VA-based non-profit, Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI), their paws found solid ground in loving homes throughout the MD-DC-VA area.


The lucky puppies were part of a group of over 150 animals rescued from evacuated areas by CHAI’s sister charity in Israel. Most were re-homed after evacuees were able to leave bomb shelters, more were placed in new homes in Israel. Adoptions went slowly in Israel, however, so to ensure that they were placed before they were adults, 39 of the puppies were flown to the U.S. and featured at local shelters throughout the region and at adoption events arranged by CHAI.


"Some are siblings who have not seen one another since they huddled together, terrified, in alleys and under parked cars,” says CHAI’s Director, Nina Natelson. “We anticipate a joyful reunion."


For details about the location of the reunion, call Nina Natelson, CHAI’s Director, at (703) 658-9650. Photos available upon request.


Alexandria, VA-based CHAI is a 23 year old charity founded in the U.S. to help Israel's animals. Hakol Chai is CHAI's 5-year-old sister charity, based in Tel Aviv