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Hakol Chai Rushes Food to Animals in Municipal Pounds; Rescues Animals in the Line of Fire

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Press Release: August 2, 2006

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August 2, 2006, Tel Aviv


The municipal veterinarians of Kiryat Shmona and Tiberias appealed to Hakol Chai, the Israeli sister charity of Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI), to send food to feed animals in the municipal pounds, claiming they are running out because of the emergency situation there. The Ministry of the Interior told Hakol Chai that 50 million NIS in supplementary funds were transferred to local authorities in the north to assist during the crisis, but it is up to local officials to determine how the funds are spent.


"Israel is obligated to ensure that animals housed in its municipal facilities are provided for during times of war," says Yadin Elam, Director of Hakol Chai, "but it would be unethical to stand on principle while leaving animals to suffer from hunger, so we will help during this crisis."


Hakol Chai continues to send volunteers to the north on a daily basis to distribute food and equipment, and to help animals in distress. Yesterday evening, the charity sent dozens of jerricans donated by Plastive-Yakum, which volunteers will use to transport water to fill the plastic water bowls previously sent, plus a supply of tick repellant donated by Frontline importer Bet Erez, as volunteers noted that found dogs were infested with ticks.


In addition to the donated food and equipment, under cover of darkness yesterday, Hakol Chai volunteers went to Ma'alot and Nahariya, where a caller asked them to check on dogs she left behind when her terrified family ran from rocket fire. They found the caller's neighborhood completely deserted. In the back yard of her house were a frightened St. Bernard and German Shepherd, both dogs tied with rope so short they could not even lie down. Carefully cutting the rope, volunteers gave the starving, dehydrated dogs food, water, and care before evacuating them to a boarding kennel near Tel Aviv.


Posters hung by volunteers in bomb shelters throughout the north urge people who left their animals behind to call Hakol Chai for help.


The charity sent four tons of cat and dog food north last Wednesday, some of which was donated by Purina, plus hundreds of plastic water bowls donated by Madaf-Plazit, which were distributed throughout the region.