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Puppies Rescued from the Line of Fire Arrive in the U.S.

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Alexandria, Virginia November 2, 2006


Contact: Nina Natelson, 703-370-0333 or chai.usa@verizon.net


On Friday, November 3, 39 puppies rescued from the north of Israel during the conflict with Hezbollah by the Alexandria, Virginia-based Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI) will arrive at JFK airport, eager for a chance at a new home in the U.S. The puppies, all around 4 months old, will be boarded at shelters throughout the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area, including the Montgomery County Humane Society and the Arlington and Alexandria Animal Welfare Leagues, while they make appearances at adoption events.


"We reunited many puppies with their original families, and placed more with new families in Israel, but adoptions go slowly there, says Nina Natelson, CHAI's Director. "We want to give them the best opportunity we can to find homes, so we are bringing them here."


Through its sister charity in Israel, Hakol Chai, CHAI distributed over 12 tons of food, hundreds of water bowls, vaccines, leashes and other supplies to evacuated areas during the conflict, and rescued many animals from deserted homes and streets across the north after residents fled to bomb shelters.


CHAI is grateful to Best Friends Animal Society of Utah for their support of its rescue efforts, and for locating volunteers to greet, feed, water, clean, and exercise the puppies upon their arrival at El Al Cargo at JFK. The puppies are arriving on El Al flight 001, scheduled to land at 5:50 AM on Friday.


Photos of the puppies available for adoption and information about the dates and locations of adoption days can be seen on CHAI's website at www.chai-online.org.


Alexandria, VA-based CHAI is a 22 year old charity founded in the U.S. to help Israel's animals. Hakol Chai is CHAI's 4-year-old sister charity, based in Tel Aviv