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Hakol Chai Evacuates Animals from Kiryat Shmona

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Press Release: August 2, 2006

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Press Release: August 8, 2006

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August 8, 2006, Tel Aviv


Moments after last night's bombing of Kiryat Shmona, Hakol Chai, the Israeli sister charity of Concern for Helping Animals in Israel (CHAI), was in the city, providing emergency first aid to injured animals, evacuating dogs and cats, and setting out food and water to save animals left behind. Throughout the conflict, Hakol Chai volunteers have repeatedly braved danger to rescue animals in the line of fire.


For all animals in the north, the situation is extremely difficult. For animals in Kiryat Shmona, now that their human guardians are being evacuated, it is a disaster. Dogs and cats who, just weeks ago, were members of the family, are now disoriented, lost, and fleeing in terror from the constant barrage of the IDF's artillery on one hand, and Hezbollah rockets on the other. The streets are empty, they are without food and water, there is no one to help them and nowhere to run.


"We urge residents in the line of fire to call us, not just leave their animals behind," pleads Yadin Elam, Hakol Chai's Director. We are here to help! We will find a temporary foster home for your companion animals. Please show the same care and compassion to your companion animal as you show to other members of your family."


Hakol Chai has received hundreds of calls from caring people eager to volunteer, to adopt animals, or to provide a foster home for animals until their families are able to care for them again. The organization has placed animals of evacuees in foster homes.


Hakol Chai has also sent more than 12 tons of dog and cat food to the north since the war began, plus hundreds of water bowls, vaccines, and supplies. The charity has also responded to requests for food from the municipal veterinarians of Kiryat Shmona, Tiberias, and Ma'ale Yossef for animals in the municipal pounds.


While Hakol Chai believes the Israeli government and local authorities have an obligation to provide properly for all animals in their care, including in times of war, in order to ensure that the animals will not suffer, the charity has provided food for the animals at these facilities during the current crisis.


Hakol Chai was honored to be joined by Dr. Sam Hall, a former Olympic athlete with knowledge and experience in the field of rescuing animals, including after the Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.


Just a few examples of Hakol Chai's life-saving work:

  • Rescued numerous cats, three dogs, eight puppies, a falcon, pigeons and rabbits in cages, about twenty chickens, parrots and other animals from a house in Akko.

  • Rescued two dogs from a house where they were tied so tightly they could not lie down, administering first aid before evacuating them to a boarding facility.

  • Responded to a call from Shlomi residents about a dog being beaten by neighbors. Volunteers provided emergency care to the abused, starving, and dehydrated dog before evacuating him.

  • Treated and evacuated an exhausted dog and her 8 puppies from Safed.

  • Provided emergency first aid and distributed food, water, and supplies to Akko, Nahariya, Ma'alot, and other towns in the line of fire.