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Help Stop Cruelty in Jaffa






Help Stop Cruelty in Jaffa



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In late 2011, Hakol Chai found goats, chickens, ducks, sheep and a donkey, all in bad condition, locked in small, crowded and filthy enclosures outside a private residence in Jaffa, the old part of Tel Aviv. The donkey was bound tightly to the front gate in an unnatural and painful position and was unable to move.


Photo: Hakol Chai


Pigeons were also being kept for slaughtering, in violation of the law. Immediately, they reported the situation to authorities, but when officials from the city and the Veterinary Services arrived on the scene, the Tel Aviv police ordered them to take no action and to leave, on the grounds that the area is crime-ridden and dangerous, including to police officers. Incredibly, all officials walked away, leaving the animals to suffer.


Hakol Chai notified a Tel Aviv newspaper, which printed an exposť about the incident entitled "No Manís Land." When interviewed by the reporter, the police claimed that they had responded to the complaint and ordered the owner to clean up the property, which was a complete fiction. Hakol Chai protested the policeís failure to act to the police official in charge of animal cruelty complaints at the national level and to the Veterinary Servicesí official responsible for enforcing the Animal Protection Law. Pressure on the police by these officials resulted in a Hakol Chai representative being summoned to testify about the situation. Based on their response to the testimony, we will consider what legal action we can take against the police for failure to perform its duties and for failing to act in a clear case of animal cruelty.


Photo: Hakol Chai


You can help stop this abuse! Please write to:


Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv

69 Even Gvirol Street, Kikar Rabin

Tel Aviv 64162, Israel

(Postage to Israel is $1.82)

Mayor Huldaiís fax number: (011) (972) (3) 521-6597


Please also write to:

Menachem Leibe, the Manager of the Tel Aviv municipality: mancal@tel-aviv.gov.il

and to the cityís spokesperson: dover@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il